As outlined in the list of trainings, services and expertise below, we work with small, medium, and large firms across all industries to assist them in building their Diversity & Inclusion, Economic Development and Economic Inclusion strategies, developing and delivering training for senior executives, mid-level supervisors, and entry-level staff, conducting assessments, program audits, focus groups, and community engagement surveys, delivering one-on-one feedback and coaching, consulting on institutional transformation strategies, and identifying metrics to track progress.


We provide training(s) on diversity and inclusion to support organizational culture change. In our training we explore intersectionality and in particular highlight the interaction of race and economics as a unique aspect of our work.  We work with leaders on how to leverage the diverse talents and recognize the diverse backgrounds of team members to support their full engagement. We lead our training with research and heart, seeking to influence both perspectives and values. At the conclusion of our training, your leaders will be equipped with practical strategies to cultivate a more inclusive and equitable workforce, redesign processes, hold courageous conversations and lead in an ever diversifying workplace.


Buying Local or With Minority Vendors
Understanding Racial Economic Inequality
Investing in Equitable Real Estate Development
Nonprofit Industrial Complex 
Role of Policy in Advancing Economic Inclusion


Administering Audits & Assessments on Institutions and Processes to Identify Inequities
Provide Coaching on Messaging to Staff Amidst Difficult & Challenging Situations
Consulting on Strategies for Institutional Transformation
Executive and Leadership Coaching
Design and Facilitation of Long-Term Strategic Plans
Keynote Speeches


We are expert communicators and welcome the opportunity to speak about important topics; such as diversity and inclusion; race, wealth and millennials; racial economic inequality; how to craft impactful presentations; building a legacy - why you should know your numbers